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Yoga and Wine? Seriously?

Wine yoga, a fusion of wine tasting and yoga poses, is quickly gaining popularity among wine lovers looking to maximize their wine experience. Unlike stock-standard yoga classes, wine yoga amps up the sensation by offering a boost—literally. As wine is included as part of the practice as an enhancement for calming, meditated breathing and mindful movement, enthusiasts can come together to immerse themselves in both physical expression and flavor exploration.


Every wine-yogi can expect to be met with an inviting atmosphere where a sip and stretch mantra is encouraged resulting in toned muscles via physical yoga practice but also well-rounded senses due to the added practice of wine tasting. Thanks to wine yoga sessions more people than ever are reaping the spiritual benefits associated with traditional yogic practices, only this time spiced up with some vino!

Get ready to spice up your yoga session with a wine twist and tickle your taste buds like never before. Ambrosia Daily will take you to a  unique experience like no other – wine yoga! 


This isn’t just any ordinary yoga class; wine tasting is included to give you an extra boost of energy and vibes. Let the wine flow while you indulge in various yoga poses. As part of this once-in-a-lifetime event, get a chance to take advantage of special offers or receive a complimentary surprise gift when you register. 


So why not reward yourself?


Regenerate your physical and mental health while discovering new wine sensations. Join us for wine yoga now before it’s too late! Sign up to receive updates on upcoming events and promos!