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Wine for Yoga Lovers Event

Yoga and wine may seem like an unlikely pairing, but Ambrosia Daily in collaboration with 2Y Club proved that it is the perfect combination for a relaxing and enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Last 26 February 2023, Ambrosia Daily and 2Y Club hosted a wine yoga event that left participants feeling rejuvenated, entertained, and just a little bit tipsy. Led by certified Vinyasa yoga coach, Nicol, the yoga class was the perfect way to start the event. Participants flowed through various poses and breathing exercises, stretching and strengthening their bodies while clearing their minds. But the real highlight of the day came during the wine tasting, where Ambrosia Daily founder Christina shared her knowledge and love of wine with the group. As participants sipped on different varietals, Christina shared stories of the wine's origin, flavor profile, and unique characteristics, adding another layer of depth to the tasting experience.