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Meet Christina Sandall

Christina started Ambrosia Daily because there's no wine shop focusing on female customers, especially those unfamiliar with wine. At Ambrosia Daily, we understand customers' needs for acquiring back-scene stories more than listening to obscure wine education, appreciating the aesthetic design of wine bottles more than showing off big names on the labels, enjoying the shopping experience than being told what the right choices are and  celebrating special occasion as what it means to her than being judged by the price tag. That’s why we specialise in ladies favourite rose and sparkling wines from carefully selected family-owned wine producers worldwide to bring you a delightful journey finding beautiful bottles you like without prejudice and complication. And we are in favour of organic and zero alcohol wines for more people who want to enjoy the wine moment.

Along the way, I decided to bring more value to our customers by offering relevant and designed products. I know women often are busy with gazillions of things and duties, but you can relax when you log in to browsing for beautifully listed items just for you as being with a trusted and patient friend on a shopping date.


At Ambrosia Daily, we also encourage customers to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle to take daily challenges with power. Regular physical exercises and healthy mental wellness are essential because female bodies nave numerous physiological differences and come with unique health situations. We select eco-friendly and fashionable yoga accessories to help fitness enthusiasts gear up with positive vibes.


With our sincere passion and believe, this is a beautiful journey to creating a platform for women to feel good, look good and enjoy shopping with confidence and delights.