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Warm Welcome to 2YClub to Be Our Honoured Partner

Jan 21,2023 | Ambrosia Daily

wine and yoga

We are excited to announce the official partnership between Ambrosia Daily and 2YClub! Together, we will endeavor to offer our customers a unique experience that offers both fitness and pleasure.

2yclub yoga image

2YClub is an innovative yoga provider based out of Los Angeles, with a mission to make yoga accessible, fun and empowering for all. They offer a variety of classes such as full-body flows, focus on legs, arms or balance as well as fun and empowering Dance Tabata Yoga workouts to challenge your body agility.

2YClub logo

Our collaboration will bring customers exciting new opportunities to enjoy reciprocal benefits and offers through our upcoming event - Wine for Yoga Lovers. This event allows those who love both wine and yoga to enjoy both in one like never before.


At Ambrosia Daily, we have always been passionate about bringing wine and fitness together in ways that are both enjoyable and beneficial. With our new partner 2YClub, this goal has been taken up another notch - our customers can now look forward to more than just a workout class; they get the opportunity to indulge in some delightful wines during their session! It’s truly an experience like no other.


This collaboration is groundbreaking for us here at Ambrosia Daily – we strive to be on the cutting edge of the health and wellness industry by creating memorable experiences through combinations of different practices. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this new addition of 2Y Club into our repertoire – it truly rounds out our offerings!


So come join us in celebrating this milestone! Sign up today for Wine for Yoga Lovers at Ambrosia Daily/ 2YClub's website or email for more information!